5 ways pole improves your life

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

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5 Ways Pole fitness improves your life

The first time I saw a pole, I instantly thought to myself “this is it, this is what I am going to do with my life…” Little did I know, pole 10 years later is still a challenge to me and kicks my butt, all while intriguing me. Therefore, here are the five ways that Pole helps my life and me and why it will helps your life to…

1. Celebrate your body as it is right now. Je-Mir-Izing classes provide an environment that is free of judgement, resentment and negative energies. We allow you to be one with you- your body, mind, heart and soul. Our space provided allows you to move and enjoy how you move and feel. When we feel loved, confident, and laugh our health actually improves significantly. In pole class, you get to look into the mirror while moving your hips, and doing dips and swoops and improving your strength all while your imperfections that stare you in the face daily disappear and you see yourself and think “wow! I am hot, sassy, mm”.

2. Quiet your inner critic. When we are in class focusing on building strength and dancing. We are too busy to even notice the flaws and pick away at ourselves. Plus, not to mention when we set goals each class period, so we do not even have time to think our imperfections of one’s self, because we are so determined and focus about getting that one move. Which in return makes self-critic more difficult to accomplish. How many activities can you say this to? Pole is a fun way to practice being mindful, embodied, and present and give the self-inner critic a break. The more you practice being in the now rather than focus on if, that, when the more you see yourself transform in to the actual being you dream of.

3. Connect with your sensual self. This is where pole helps us grow our personal confidence from within. Our sensual self-more often than not, pushed to the side. Unfortunately, our sensual self actually needs to be live, kicking and loved as well… from our self. We are all sensual beings, we all experience pleasure physically, deeply and with all of our senses. When we intentionally take time for our bodies; through pole fitness, we are making space for our sensuality to resurface and connect with our self. This is return allows us to feel confidents, happy, laugh more, move more and embrace that we are important and loved. Without our sensual self, we miss out on being part of the beautiful part of humanity.

4. Live your own life. OMGOSH YESSSSSSSS! I cannot express this enough. If we do not live for our self is then what is the point? Therefore, this is where if you are being held back because of misbeliefs from others, it is not worth it… others, are always going to talk, judge, say. It is us to us to not listen and live the way we want… now when I say this I mean live with respect, do onto others as you want done to you. By choosing to try something that interests you, despite the stories you have heard on why you should or should not do something is actually a very healing and true way to live your life. Simply reasons include, it will challenge you and you are doing something outside of your norm. Many role models are told they cannot do something, but decide do go for it anyway, and look how far they have come now. Be your own role model and do something that you want despite all the reasons not to, and what you are telling yourself too!

5. Find community. Having a pole community to confide in, ask questions, and feel like a family is just as important as sensual self is. When you start pole, you will be starting probably at a beginner class so know that there will be fellow polers who are just starting out like you. You all are struggling in the same way. In addition, Krista makes sure that you all are being take care of directly in and out of class by customizing your workouts. So, you never will feel left out no matter where you are at physically or mentally. In addition, you already have one thing in common.

It is important to note that pole is one vehicle that can help you to connect more deeply to one’s self, celebrate self-authentic and celebrate one’s body. Jez-Mir-Izing has many avenues to this as well. Pole give me what I need to feel loved and healthy from within. This is why I continue to do it 10 years later. I am confident that pole will help you to achieve self-love as well.

If after reading this, you still do not think pole is for you that is ok! Finding what you are passionate about may be a process, just as it was for me. It is important to know that embracing yourself as you are right now, is vital to your well-being. I highly recommend going on a journey to find what can become your self- love. Jez-Mir-Izing can help you all the way through… if not through pole, then Reiki.

God Bless and I look forward to meeting you very soon!

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