The best wisdom that I have been given is from my amazing coaches at the - Raychel and Mandy, is, when frustration, sadness, overwhelming thoughts, etc. happen how we handle them is the question at hand. So this title I have there today FFB, what is this you ask?

FFB stands for Forgive, Forget and Bless. This is basically even though it may hurt, and even though you ar upset, sad, confused etc.. It is best to FFB it and move forward in a positive manner. Yes, you will have now what's, and how do I... it'll come. I promise you!

What do you need to FFB today, yesterday or even 5 minimum ago?

So here my challenge to you, write it down exactly how it is and then FFB it. Then, tomorrow, I want you to see how your day goes.

Let me know here what you find out and I will give you a complimentary Reiki treatment!


Krista Schafer your Holistic coach specializing in Reiki and pole fitness.

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