Are you seeking confidence and health?

Confidence building 101

Tips to improve confidence in you include:

1. List your strengths

2. Accept your weaknesses (but use them to build you up ;)) we all have them, but we work on them, just like in pole fitness we work both sides of our body regardless if it is weak or not...

3. Do not state "oh, yeah, I SHOULD do that..." by 'should' yourself self you are allowing you to give up and that is not helping build you and your confidence.

4. Get a hold of your need, wants, goals, priorities. Then...

5. Take a risk. Yes do it, you will thank YOU later;).

6. Celebrate every win, even if it is a fail win. Ha these happen to me all the time, however, I still classify them as a win, because I did it, I showed up for me, and thats all that matters.

7. Praise yourself, tell yourself you are strong, confident, beautiful, etc.

8. Accept compliments, even if you didn't get it from the one you thought should have...

9. Show, practice and be how others should treat you

10. Be you- love you, be kind to you, hold you, touch you, dance with you, work out with you <3

Needs some additional guidance, love, accountability I am here every step of the way. Become a Rise Up star at


Krista Schafer

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