Being the Pole Teacher

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Being the pole fitness teacher, I am today, the one thing that I have found sheepish and that I have overcome, is when people state to me and my family/friends “Oh, Jez-Mir-Izing/ Krista like that pole dancer?” I have been able to overcome this sheepish feeling (emotion) in many ways. However, the emotion that was linked to this statement was that I felt the need to defend myself. I felt the need to state, “No, I am not a stripper”. Honestly, this was silly of me; strippers are actually amazing and quite strong. Personally, I am honored that people think of me in this way now


Therefore, to answer how I have overcome my sheepish way of this statement is to smile and correct them by stating, “Pole fitness is actually many skills that are earned from within based on your determination and persistence. We focus on dance and flexibility, but also body strength building, self-beauty, confidence, etc. strength. We embrace from within and rise up. Therefore, by correcting them in their statement I am able to help them understand and gain knowledge as to what pole fitness really is, what Jez-Mir-Izing does and what I personal train on. It not only helps and allows me to forgive and forget it allows them the opportunity to learn and grow themselves by gaining knowledge on what strippers, pole athletes, circus entertainers, etc. actually go through and how they become what/who they are today. As well as the knowledge to learn that it is more than just a “stripper pole” but there are intense training and confidence building, mind over matter opportunities happening. Not to mention respect. So, what is one thing you have felt sheepish of? How have you overcome this?

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