#JezMirIzingRogueMember #RekiandPole Today is Feat Friday (of great courage and to be humble with yourself). What does this mean? To show respect for you; with self-love, kindness, and courage. When you take the time to invest in you through the Reiki and Pole, you are able to conquer from within. By becoming a Rogue member and investing in you, you allow yourself the power to release daily stressors and fears that have you confused and frustrated. Therefore, this can lead to self-doubt.

The Rogue membership has Reiki and Pole. This is for you- to be able to release what you know you need to let go of, and allow yourself the power and strength to move forward beyond old limitations. Yes, Reiki and Pole can be scary, but that is where having a personal trainer, coach, and mentor like Krista is prosperous. Krista assists you to allow yourself the strength, exercise, time, energy, and rest that is needed to move forward in the direction you wish to achieve.

Take action today and become a Rogue Member- $97/mo! www.jezmirizing/plans-pricing

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