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#FollowFriday #JezMirIzing #Reiki #PoleFitness#AllBetterNaturalProducts

Today is #FollowFriday! Sooo, I follow here on Facebook Big Blue Couch Coaching- Mandy B. Anderson and Raychel Perman (coaches). Why? Because they are my business and personal coaches. Why do I have a business/personal coach? Welllll, life can be intense... so for me and Jez-Mir-Izing I had made the decision back in December 2018 that this was going to be a good step for me personally and my business. Now and after I started in January of this year (2019) it has and continues to be the BEST decision/investment I have made thus far. Not only are they helping me live my dreams with Jez-MIr-Izing, they are also helping me to be the best me I can be, and by being the best me, I am able to be the best coach for all of you and my current Rogue Members (that in itself is the ultimate goal and win).

I am EXTREMELY grateful that the Lord led me to Big Blue Coaching and that I am where I am today with Mandy and Raychel. Thank you, Ladies and the #BTS possy's of BBCC as well.

Check out the Big Blue Couch Coaching here:

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