Is Pole even healthy?

There may be many stereotypes out there, and specifically, the stereotype I want to discuss today is: Why Pole is healthy and what you can do to keep up on it. Did you know that Pole is actually a cross between dance, aerobics, muscle building, and cardio? Yep, it is true!

Health benefits of Pole include:

1. Burns calories quickly a. Here in the modern world, we all could stand to lose 10 pounds of fat, so any form of exercise that is accomplished is amazing! However, the pole is going to increase muscles in your entire body all in a workout (so an hours’ time with Jez-Mir-Izing). Pole keeps you moving- making it a great isometric and cardiovascular exercise. In one 30-minute session, you will burn that same amount of calories as if you were doing only aerobics and calisthenics. Here is the perk pole will lead to significant weight loss over several months. As long as you stick with it (like anything you do 📷;)).

2.Builds self-confidence a. After figuring out the basic’s and getting some intense de-sensitizing of body limbs and strengthening of muscles. You will begin quickly and easily to start to develop some mad skills on the pole. Here is the best part, being confident mentally is not the only thing! Confidence in your body will start to shine. Posture and balance will shine through, almost like cat reflexes 📷;).

3.Less stressed a. This is the most beneficial of Pole. Dancing, in general, helps to alleviate stress. However, when Pole and dance combine’s it is actually psychologically healthy and emotionally healthy.

4.Motivates you to work out a. Let us face it working out in the gym feels like a chore… and we feel quite overwhelmed when in a gym. We do not know where to start, what to do, how to do it, etc. (I know I have felt that way, and continue to at times still in the gym). This is where you can quickly lose motivation and determination. i. NO! HAHA POLE and Jez-Mir-Izing will help reduce this anxiety and lack of motivation/self-determination to be fit and healthy. Pole actually develops a strong body, builds stamina, and allows yourself to feel self-love and sexy. The more your skills approved the more you will feel motivated to work harder and play more.

5. You become more limber a. Two words… JOINT MOBILITY and FLEXIBILITY i. Pole is AWESOME for this! It will help to alleviate back pain, stiff neck, muscle soreness, etc. You will also have the leisure of minimizing sprains and tears (I know personally that the pole has significantly help me strengthen my ankles and wrists).

6. Your bones and joints will thank you a. Who knew?! i. Yep, joint pain can be serious enough. Specifically, in women, osteoporosis can jump in any time so Pole can help to keep that nasty bug away 📷;). Developing strong bones and connective tissue, along with increasing joint mobility helps intensely to reduce the pain of many kinds and osteoporosis. Here is how… when you pole you are not putting a lot of stress on those specific joints versus running or jumping.

7. It’s good for heart and circulation a. Now that pole is classified as moderate-to-intense aerobic training and all of our muscles in the body are engaged at some point throughout the class. This promotes regular blood flow and circulation to our overall body and organs. This is particularly important to women who spend working all day in a sitting position.

8.Better balance and kinesthetic awareness a. Kinesthetic, what is this? This is where your brain’s ability to calculate where your body is located in a three-dimensional space in relation to other objects around you. Pole helps to enhance your brain’s ability to learn/ calculate and grow this math problem 📷;) (Who knew math was part of this). Therefore, the pole will help to reduce the chances of imbalances. Example: where you bump into things more often or even drop things randomly. Pole helps to reduce fewer injuries and better balance and coordination.

9.Helps with an easier time during pregnancy and childbirth a. Now, this tip I NEVER knew: 0! This form of training will help when it is time to carry a beautiful human being and have your beautiful baby. Since pole, actually helps strengthen back and abdominal muscles this help to minimize back pain during pregnancy and allows for smoother and less childbirth. WIN!

10.Falling asleep becomes a cinch a. SLEEP, ooo I like sleep 📷;)! Resting is just as important, along with eating the right food for your workouts… However, many do not get the right amount of sleep and it is actually not because they are up playing games… most just are not able to fall asleep. So, what can Pole and regular workouts do for you and sleep? Regular pole workouts will tax the body, combined with stretching will allow your body to help you to hit the hay each night and not look back.

The benefit of pole Is not limited to developing and strengthening the body. It will help you improve your mental and emotional health as well as reduce stress, anxiety, pain and injuries. Hey, a reward, it will increase your social life too!

You should definitely try it!

Therefore, Jez-Mir-Izing Krista is in need of 34 amazing 18-month Rogue Pole members per month. For only $99.99 per month or $1650 for the 18 months paid up front. Krista will help you achieve personal goas, self-determination, motivation and love. You will continue to come because you know you are confident, well, fit and sexy. See you in class!

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