Looking through some old pics... 

Looking through some old pictures getting ready for a Rise Up: 90 Days to Unleashing Your Most Healthy and Confident self-member to arrive for her physical personal one on one training with me (Krista), her CONFIDENT AND HEALTHY HOLISTIC COACH. Where she is able to book all of her trainings with me on her own at and where there is the option to Rise Up: 90 Days to Unleashing Your Most Healthy and Confident Self in person or online via zoom with me as your Holistic Coach. EXCITING! Here is a picture from one of our previous classes here at the Jez-Mir-Izing studio in Mandan, ND. I LOVE IT THERE! 90 days of SWEAT, STRENGTH, and CONDITIONING meets building and conquering self-limiting beliefs from within to YOUR MOST HEALTHY AND CONFIDENT SELF with ME. I hate stuffy gyms and boring ass cycle classes. That’s WHY as a holistic coach you get to rock your personal fitness training YOUR WAY! And I certainly LOVE being by your side, leading, guiding and mentoring you to Rise Up to UNLEASHING YOUR MOST HEALTHY AND CONFIDENT SELF. Wouldn’t have it any other way. If you want to be healthy and confident: hang out with healthy people and hang out in healthy places! Did you KNOW… interesting fact that I use to live here with the Jez-Mir-Izing studio being in the one room ONLY- THREE YEARS AGO! YUP! When I was busting my ass and getting to work REALLY making it happen, busting through my own personal resistance and sadness crap a friend of mine volunteered to DRIVE ME to Chi town (Chicago Illinois) for my holistic medical treatments. I certainly was FAR away from being healed or even being able to pay the 15K I had racked up. Fast forward to TODAY, 3 years later I am healed from cervical dysplasia naturally and never once had to have surgery or a hysterectomy and I have paid $170,000 off in debt and continue to (whoop), I own a new home with a hobby farm. Oh and I am helping, people just like you to Rise up to Unleashing your Most Healthy and Confident Self. Extremely neat huh?

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