Okay, quick question before we dive into this blog...

What is this year's ultimate 2020 goal? Drop your goal here!

So you have you goal written down,now what? Well, next comes the plan, then the action, and then finally the celebration.

So, the plan, what is it that you need to write down in order to achieve this goal? When are you going to achieve it? How will you achieve it? Aka the objections... the challenge that you will face... the fears you will encounter.

Well take a moment and write down physically- NOOOO not type, voice record, etc. WRTIE DOWN BY HAND your challenges that you feel you are going to face, that you maaaayyyyb dont want to. Next, create an action plan. This could be putting it into your phone calendar, so you actually achieve the steps necessary, and or asking for help from a friend or Holistic coach like me to keep you accountable for reaching and achieving your goals.

I am Krista Schafer a Holistic coach specializing in Reiki and pole fitness. When you are ready for the self accountability and you are ready to Rise up to your most healthy and confident self I am ready to.

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