Reiki: Question: What is it? Answer: A Japanese regime that promotes healing internally based upon the chakras of your body. Allowing your body to heal from negative mental, emotional, physical imbalances, toxins, energy, etc. Q: how does one receive Reiki? A: by laying down one Reiki(massage) bed face up or down and allowing yourself to re

lax and allow me you Reiki practitioner hoover over the chakras of your body and allow your body, heart,mind and soul to heal and become balance again. Q: What is the outcome? A: feeling of more clarity. freedom, guidance, relaxed, balanced Q: How do I make an appointment? A: go now to Click on plans-pricing Click bookings Click Reiki In person or distant Enter your information Click next Pay Submit Recieve a confirmation email

See you soon! Xoxo Krista Schafer your Holistic coach specializing in Reiki and pole fitness

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