Safety first, then fun 

Pole safety 101

Here are some helpful tips for your best work on the pole.

1. Wash your hands

By doing this we are washing our natural oils that will NOT help us on the pole. Or amy lotions and perfumes that the pole doesn't prefer either.

2. Rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces etc.- loose them

Jewlery can harm us while we are rising up to unleashing our most healthy and confident selfs. By choking is, cutting our skin in a paper cut way etc. Best to remove all!

3. Avoid covering your palm

Yep no fabric gloves. Unless of course you are using pole grip gloves and you are working on conditioning drills.

4. Use a spotter or helper

This is a safe practice to utilize at most times on pole, specifically when learning a new move and or being upside down on your pole.

5. Safety mat

This is a great option when learning inverts, And other advanced moves. It should not take the place of a spotter however this will help immensely. As well as it will soften the "crash" a bit better. I know I am EXTREMELY grateful for my crash mats here at Jez-Mir-Izing!

Alright, here you have it Pole Safety 101. So let's all be safe, have fun and Rise up to unleashing your most healthy and confident self!


Krista Schafer your Holistic coach specializing in Reiki and pole fitness

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