#Overcome #JezMirIzingRogueMembership What obstacles are in your way? What have you done to overcome the sheepish feelings, emotions, and physical challenges? One of the personal challenges I face every day is fighting my way through the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) which created Type 1 diabetes and Hypothyroidism in my physical body. For those of you who are not aware of EBV, EBV is mono that does not ever go away and will continue to flare up randomly throughout your lifetime. This is not the case for all, but some… please follow this link for more information Challenges that I face include chronic pain, mental confusion, lack of memory, increased inflammation, unstable blood sugar levels, and unstable moods etc. This can be quite a challenge when dealing with everyday tasks and stressors that are thrown at each one of us daily. Honestly, this blog is extremely hard for me to even write… as I do not share my feelings and thoughts about myself to anyone except my doctors and that is only because they already know (hmf). The above challenges that I have shared with you, I have immensely overcome and continue to do so daily by:

• I Pole, Reiki and created Jez-Mir-Iznig because it makes me extremely happy and I get to see all of you happy, well and prosperous • I do not allow myself to be a victim • I push forward even though there are days that I do not want to move or step outside of my bed because the pain is too intense(and that is after sleeping in bed all night- 8 hours (ish)). • I believe in our dear Lord, and know, that what challenges I face now, I receive happiness later (never fails) • I make sure to be grateful every day • I take my medications daily and accordingly • I have a life coach, pole coach, diabetes educator, chiropractor, naturalist Doctor, endocrinologist etc. (I can’t think of them all at the moment) • I state truth statements and affirmations daily • I listen to spa music, podcasts, audiobooks • I read happy and growing books • I am with family and friends that love and care for me and rejoice that I am alive and here with them • I have an uplifting team on my side to encourage me through the good and bad • I have an inspirational daughter I am Krista and I am safe to be me and so it is!

This list goes on and on. Therefore, I ask you, what are your sheepish challenges, and what can you do to invest in overcoming those challenges and be VICTORIOUS.

Invest in you! Take action today, become a Rogue Member for $97 per month (12-month commitment). I believe in you and I know you are worth it! www.jezmirizing/plans-pricing.

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