Small as it may be

Today we celebrate you, YES YOU! For every small win you achieved this last week. So let's all give us a pat on the back and a great biG SHOUT OUT- WHOOOO!

What are some of your small wins? Drop a comment here, I love to hear!

Okay, now for the work, yep, I have to give you work now... so congratulations on celebrating your small wins. Next, did you write down this weeks weekly focus plan? If you didn't, DO IT RIGHT NOW. IM NOT JOKING.

Then follow through. The rest will start to come and trust me it will ;).

Alright folks, you know what your steps are. Are you stuck? I can help. I am Krista Schafer a Holistic coach specializing in Reiki and pole fitness and if you need guidance, discipline, accountability and some tlc, I AM IT! Take action now and become a Rise up 90 day or 12 month start at

See on the in soon!




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