Sooo your on a budget...

Hey, budgeting what is this? Well, is it fitting all your needs, wants and, maybes into one BIG YES? For me YES it is. Do you struggle with how to create a budget or how to stick with one month to month or is it dedication or objection you deal with?

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Excel worksheet- open it

2. File, save this excel worksheet as 2020 budget

3. 1st box label Jan 2020

4. 2nd box down and across over one label expenses (one down column will be estimated cost for the month, and the 2nd column will be actual cost for the month)

5. 1st colum down label your expenses

6. After expenses column add a list of debt to be paid off

7. After debt to be paid off add a comum list of income

8. Enter the information

9. See what your estimated costs is and then after this month see what the actual cost was

10. Repeat.

*Note after this 1st month you will have better understanding of where you sit with your needs and wants and maybes...

Then what? Then, I'll help you get out of debt, reach your wants and kill your objectives.

I am Krista Schafer a Holistic coach specializing in Reiki and pole fitness. Take action now and become a Rise up star to unleashing your most healthy and confident self this 2020 year!


My business hours have been extended:

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Saturday: 9:00 am-11:30 pm 1:30- 4:00 pm


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