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Reiki for my spirit/soul- check Pole (Rogue members that I am coaching) and for my body/health- check Self time for me (self love/worth/mind)- check

This is Jez-Mir-Izing Krista's #sparkle(GLITTER)Sunday checklist for my Holy Trinity.

When we take time to figure this out and create habits to make sure we are tending to us, our Holy Trinity creates balance, which results in our sparkle, which then shines in and outside of us.

So, I ask you, what is your Holy Trinity?

By establishing this and then investing in you by becoming a Jez-Mir-Izing Rogue Member you will be able to prosper in your own personal growth development and mental/physical wellness. You will achieve goals, gain confidence, strength, power and recieve the encouragement, accountability and mentoring you deserve.

In addition to becoming a Rogue member you also receive personal trainings with Krista, customized workouts in and out of our one on one sessions, weekly homework, monthly Reiki treatments and unlimited access to Krista.

So take action today! Become a Rogue member at

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