The credit YOU deserve!

Grace, give yourself grace today and everyday.

I had been discussing many accomplishments and changes that are happening right before our eyes today with my coach and hubby. There was one thing that kept coming to my mind. Do you know what it was? GRACE, yes! Exactly! Grace- this meant for me, "Krista, congratulate yourself for all the hard work you have, am, and will continue to do to make sure that you "I", my family, my Jez-Mir-Izing family is living their upmost healthy and confident self life".

So I ask you now, what grace do you need to give to yourself and for what? Know that just because you are giving grace to yourself, it is ok, IT IS OKAY! It extremely good, healthy and quite frankly well deserved.

You are CONFIDENT, STRONG, and HEALTHY! Keep it up! Yeah! And if you need more accountability, self balancing help/healing and a more positive, self love and confidence atmosphere to work out in then I am here for YOU!

I am Krista Schafer a Holistic coach specializing in Reiki and pole fitness allowing women just like you who are doctors, coaches, entrepreneurs, nurses, dancers, etc. Rise up to unleashing their most healthy and confident self.

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