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Why do I travel with a traveling bag at all times? Well, I literally carry my life with me everywhere, ha-ha. For reals, my travel bag that I take back and forth has everything from personal to business to everything in between. Reason for this is one, you never know when there will be a moment to whip out my stuff and start working on the next steps to having my ultimate dreams come true. I must be prepared at all times. Two, I need certain items with me at all time in order to grow personally, mentally, professionally, and emotionally. I forget things easily, so it is best for me to bring certain items with me at all times. Three, if I do not come prepared how will I conquer and divide.

I am traveling to a better me- inside and out. A better life for my family and I- personally and professionally. It does kind of suck to take a rolling bag with me everywhere I go- constantly. However, I know the results will be 100% worth it. In addition, most entrepreneurs carry their “life traveling bag” with them. Whether it be an iPad, surface, phone, etc. it is just part of the hustle baby.

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