Why should we all work on transforming ourselves from good to great?

Here are 5 to-dos:

1. Listen to your body. Check-in with your body to determine if you need some additional exercise or relaxing time to release stress.

2. Set healthy boundaries for your body. If you're on auto-pilot, then you won't meet your goals.

3. Schedule downtime Self-care is the first thing to go when you're stressed. But without it, your growth isn't sustainable.

4. Meditate This will deepen your personal self values and create/ move into existence what you want an need for you to succeed.

5. Work through emotional barriers that prevent fulfillment through us here at Jez-Mir-Iing with Reiki and coaching. By allowing Jez-Mir-Izing to guide you through Reiki and coaching this will help you stay on top of bad habits, release emotional tension, and builds self-awareness.

Practicing these habits will make you GREAT. As well as becoming a better person while challenging yourself to build professional success.


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