Did you know the smallest and maybe the easiest tasks are the biggest wins?

YEP! ITS TRUE! Ha, it took me awhile to accept this as well. Don't worry the more you practice the easier it gets.

So, what are your biggest small wins we need to celebrate? Drop a comment below!

Mine is starting up these blogs again DAILY. Yes, it's easy to say you going do it, heck it's easy for me to write the goals down, and talk about it each week on my Rise Up 12 month PLAN YOUR WEEK live zoom meetings we have here with Jez-Mir-Izing. But to actually take a moment to physically plan and think about it is another story.

Do you struggle with this as well? Drop a comment below.

So, what do I do to make sure this happens? Well, I have a business coach who keeps me accountable ( when I ask... she can't read minds). I have daily reminders on my phone calendar, and I reward myself after I complete one everyday (my rewards may be I get to take a walk, I get to text a close friend and talk for like a minute, etc.). BONUS- if I don't achieve this BIG win, I have dreams about it, lol. So then, I REALLY HAVE TO GET IT DONE!

Need self accountability, confidence and overall health solutions. I am it! Hi! I am Krista Schafer a Holistic coach, specializing in Reiki and pole fitness.

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