We are Jez-Mir-Izing...  

Jez-Mir-Izing is a health and wellness studio. Specializing in Holistic coaching, Reiki and Pole Fitness. Owned and operated by Krista Schafer.

Hi Rise Up Stars! 

I am Krista Schafer...

The Founder, Holistic Coach, Reiki Provider, Pole Fitness trainer, and Health and Nutrition Coach here at Jez-Mir-Izing. 

Jez-Mir-Izing exists to help individuals become healthy and confident. We provide monthly coaching and physical training for people that want to rise up to unleashing their most healthy and confident self.

The defining moment happened in 2006 when I  saw a picture of Carmen Electra on the back of my husbands door and announced that I was going to be like her. She was on a pole. He laughed confused, thinking I wanted to be a porn star. Naively, I had no idea what that was, but I knew at that moment I would be a pole star! To me, a pole star was utilizing the pole to become strong, confident, and powerful. The more I worked at Pole myself the more I felt inside my heart that this would help others to achieve their health and confidence dreams as well. 

Then in 2013 I had returned from a wedding in the Virgin Islands itching constantly. My friend who was with me suggested I allow her to do distance Reiki on me. I was desperate for relief. Although, I did not know what that meant, I agreed. 15 minutes later, my itching was gone. After several incredible, but intense experiences with Reiki, I knew this was my calling.

I cleaned up my past and started teaching people how they can do the same: I watched their confidence and health escalate! I have since made a commitment to coach men and women on how to live their most healthy and confident life - moving forward past limiting beliefs that are standing in their way. I work with many people like you who are determined, independent, self-driven, honest, natural-born leaders, teachers, and coaches. 

How we emerged... 

Jez-Mir-Izing was created for you- a way for one to eliminate stress, be free and become aware of the trigger points in order to move forward and away from the traumas in life. 

You have Krista as your health and confidence expert and consultant. She works on the inner and outer principals for success, and looks at your health and trigger/trauma results from an organic and spiritual perspective. What that means to you is that you get a wise-sage-meets-kick-butt authentic health and confidence coach. Krista is very spiritual, and doesn't pretend to hide it either. Because she is not delicate, you will always get a straight to the point quick and honest response. 

 We are concerned with how to get your health and confidence rolling in FAST and STOP wasting your energy, time, money, and power on FADS that won’t get you to your best healthy and confident self.

You may not like what we have to tell you, but you can be sure of the truth - the truth about what’s standing in the way of your success and how to get rid of it FAST so you can start getting results in record time. 



Our name, Jez-Mir-Izing, is not only a combination of Krista's daughter's name, but also a representation for rising up to you, and for you. From the inside out:


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Questions? Email us at [email protected] or by phone at (701) 389-0402

Hours of Operation:


Monday and Tuesday's:

3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Work It Wednesday's

$45 per person, per class:

Chair/Lap: 6:15 - 6:45 p.m.

Pole: 6:45 - 7:15 p.m. 


8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Open Pole/Gym:

12:00 -1:00 p.m.  

*Please note that all appointments are to be scheduled through an event, program or with Krista go to https://www.jezmirizing.com and scroll down to where you see "schedule your..."


1910 80th St. SE Bismarck, ND 58504

Directions: Head toward Lincoln, ND. When you are on 66th St. SE (going south toward Lincoln) take a left at Northgate Dr. (the turn right after the railroad tracks). Go straight until it curves right, turning into 80th St. SE. Jez-Mir-Izing is on the right side, 2nd house.


You will park on the south side of the gray building. You will enter in the patio door on the south side of the gray building as well. There are signs directing as well.