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In the heart of a summer that pulses with the vibrant energy of transformation, a Mini Wellness Retreat unfurls its petals, revealing a sanctuary where the soul is nurtured, and the body is celebrated. Jez-Mir-Izing, with its unique alchemy of elements, invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Here are five key takeaways from this enchanting retreat, a haven where every moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of wellbeing.

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Our 3rd annual Mini Wellness Retreat in July!

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Starting September 10 join "Elevate YOUR Confidence and Lead with Distinction," a 9-month program.


*Some group pole classes may be subject to change or come not available if only one person is signed up. Private and semi-private options are always available upon request. Call Krista at 701-394-3524. 
Rise Up Star Program
Lead With Distinction

Lead with Distinction

Launching Tuesday, September 2024 

A 9-Month Program designed to elevate your confidence and lead well! 

Join the "Lead with Distinction Program" for women to boost confidence and leadership skills over 9 months. 

A unique adventure combining pole fitness, lyra, silks acrobatics, eastern medicine insights, hot-tub relaxation, and leadership coaching.

Krista Schafer's program, with 20+ years of experience, aims to help individuals overcome self-sabotage, establish fitness routines, and boost confidence for holistic health and leadership success.


Are you ready to stop quitting on yourself and achieve something better?

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Gain the following?

  • Have big breakthrough and aha-moments.
  • Create new standards and boundaries, so you‚Äôre in charge of your health, confidence, and happiness.
  • Discover yourself and set goals and reach them.¬†
  • Feel empowered and excited about your own journey.
  • Truly love the version of yourself that shows up to play this game called life.
  • Learn how to say the creative NO and honor your true yes.¬†
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Be responsible and learn to trust yourself.
  • New physical Health benefits.
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The Trinity to Personal Health and Confidence 

We help you Rise Up to Unleashing Your most Healthy and Confident Self by giving you monthly coaching on: 

Your personal confidence begins here. 

You may have love for all, but not loving yourself will stop you right in your tracks. We teach you, to love you first. The rest will fall into place. 


Mind is Matter.

You have a mind to grow and a body to to lead. We teach you how to start with the basics (like how to hold the pole while spinning, and how to self-heal when trauma has consumed you) and advance with well-defined action steps as you grow.


True Health Matters.

You want to build strength, become toned, and balanced. We equip you to build in confidence and become balanced inside out. 


Ladies Night, Bachelorette Bash, Birthday Party, Christmas Party!

Whatever the occasion, a night out on the town is ALWAYS a good idea! Give your friends the VIP treatment with a private lesson and our tempting studio all to yourselves!


Buy a  Pole! 

The XPERT PRO static/spinning pole is our most advanced pole yet. Taking all the strengths of the XPERT, it’s similarly available for use in both spinning and fixed pole modes. What sets the XPERT PRO apart is our X-LOCK mechanism. The X-LOCK is a simple mechanism located toward the base that, when independently rotated, will move the XPERT PRO from a fixed, static position into a spinning mode. The X-LOCK makes switching back and forth between modes faster and more convenient than ever before. This pole works in both fixed and spinning modes. As a result, it serves both beginners and more advanced polers.

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*Want a 10% discount on your pole for home? Join the Lead with Distinction 9-month program starting September 2024!




Reiki is a Japanese regime that promotes healing from within one's heart body mind and soul. Allowing one to eliminate toxins of many. Toxins include but not limited to: trauma's - adulthood or childhood trauma, abuse, depression, auto accident, cancer, hormonal imbalances, neuropathy, etc. 

Krista a certified Reiki Practitioner of 9 years will help you through Reiki treatment(s) to help you to allow your heart, body, mind and soul to rid toxins (of whatever that may be) and move forward above and beyond old limitations into the new and improved you.

*Keep in mind we are not "erasing" your memories we are allowing our emotions from that certain situation to no longer be attached to you. Resulting in healing and freeing one's heart, body, mind and soul from that toxin/trauma... 

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Spa Therapy:

Are you prepared to pamper yourself? Absolutely! Dive into a treasure trove of remedies tailored just for you, covering all your desires and needs.


Build your confidence with this powerful and fun routine!

If you are ready to tap into your inner strength and sensuality in the privacy of your own home, this FREE video series is for you. Find your inner goodness in 3 minutes, we promise! 

Includes instructional videos and 1 routine expertly choreographed by Krista! 

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Student Talk! 

I love going to Jez-Mir-Izing Retreat Center!

I have been a student of Krista's for over a year now in the Rise Up 12-month program and I have seen a lot of progress with myself. Not only has my confidence increased, but my strength and courage has too. I am terrified of night driving, especially on highways. It's not the night time itself that scares me, but the fact that my vision is hindered and I can't see what all is out there. Jez-mir-izing studio is at Krista's home and she lives a little bit out of town, which means driving on less traveled roads (which is very fitting for her motto: travel on the road less taken and rise up to the challenge of life). Even though I am scared of night time driving, I have always felt safe and strong when I travel to the studio. I feel empowered driving on those darker roads, and the atmosphere gives a sense of calm and tranquility. I love seeing myself progress into a stronger, more confident young woman.

I have Jez-Mir-Izing Retreat Center, Krista and myself to thank for that! I don't think I could've gotten this far, this motivated without her help and I look forward to working harder and seeing myself grow into my potential!


Talk about dedication, confidence building and living in my best healthy self! When I made the decision to enroll in the Rise Up 12-month program and made the commitment to rising up to my most healthy and confident self it has been such personal reward for me. 
Nine months in and counting I have lost 5.8 pounds and 6 inches. Krista encourages me to track my food intake, set monthly goals and then conquer them. I have learned many new strengthening skills on and off the pole. Also, because of the Reiki that Krista provides to us all while in the Rise Up 12-month program I am more balanced, calm, and centered. I definitely know when it is time for another Reiki treatment ;). 
I am grateful for Jez-Mir-Izing Retreat Center and Krista as the Holistic Coach that she is. The fact that she specializes in Reiki, Pole Fitness, nutrition and nature therapy has helped my journey along tremendously.



Student Michaela Brosius 1st Place Winner!

Novice, Artistic Dance as Ms. Jane Seymore!


LOL MN Pole Fest/Competition, Minneapolis, MN. Land of Lakes 2022 Competition


Watch the award winning routine!


Krista Schafer 3rd Place Winner!


Performance Theater


AND First place in Best Costume in her division!


LOL MN Pole Fest/Competition, Minneapolis, MN. Land of Lakes 2022 Competition


Watch the award winning routine!



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