Krista Schafer

is a well known, respected, and credited virtual and in-person Holistic Coach who specializes in Pole Fitness Coaching and is a Reiki Provider. Krista helps you to Rise Up to Unleashing Your Most Healthy and Confident Self.

Jez-Mir-Izing - Krista Schafer 3rd Place (Bronze) Winner Dramatic, Level 3, Senior

Pole Sport Organization, Seattle, Washington. Northwest PSO 2019 Competition




Your are powerful!

The question is do you feel powerful? 

It's time to release stress and toxins, let go of the fear, and balance your body, mind, and spirit to step into YOUR authentic power... Men- this works for you, too! BOOK YOUR EMPOWERMENT SOURCE TODAY!

Virtual/Distant available! 

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Rise Up 30 Days

You are healthy and confident!

The question is do you feel healthy and confident? 

Build your strength, confidence and health from with-in with our best selling 30 day virtual coaching program. Men- this works for you, too!

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The Trinity to Personal Health and Confidence

We help you Rise Up to Unleashing Your most Healthy and Confident Self by giving you monthly coaching on:


Your personal confidence begins here. 

You may have love for all, but not loving yourself will stop you right in your tracks. We teach you, to love you first. The rest will fall into place. 


True Health Matters.

You want to build strength, become toned, and balanced. We equip you to build in confidence and become balanced inside out.  


Mind is Matter.

You have a mind to grow and a body to to lead. We teach you how to start with the basics (like how to hold the pole while spinning, and how to self-heal when trauma has consumed you) and advance with well-defined action steps as you grow.

Rise Up: To Unleashing Your Most Healthy and Confident Self with Jez-Mir-Izing 

Monthly health and confidence coaching to guide your heart, strengthen your body, and grow your mindset. 



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Confident Building Exercise

Learn how to cope and what to do to help your self-confidence Rise Up during the Coronavirus Pandemic.


"Talk about dedication, confidence building and living my best healthy self!  I enrolled in the 12-month Rise Up program in April 2019. Making the decision to Rise Up to Unleashing my most Healthy and Confident self has been such a personal reward for me.  Nine months and counting I have lost 5.8 pounds and 6 inches. Krista encourages me to track my food intake, set monthly goals and then conquer them. I have learned many new strengthening skills on and off the pole. Also, because of the Reiki Provider that Krista is, my heart, body and mind have become extremely more balanced and I know when it is time for another Reiki treatment. I am grateful for Jez-Mir-Izing Krista as the Holistic Coach she is. The fact that she specializes in Reiki and Pole Fitness has helped my journey along tremendously. "

Jasmine D.


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*Please note: all in-person meetings, inquiries, etc. must be scheduled a head of time. Please call customer care at 701-389-0402 to schedule a time to meet in person. 


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