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I am a credited Holistic Coach who specializes in Pole Fitness, and Health Coaching. Jez-Mir-Izing is a private Pole Fitness, Health Coaching studio located in beautiful Bismarck, ND. Whether you want to learn how to love yourself first and release old trauma, build your confidence and inner strength, or find a powerful and fun workout that you actually love and look forward to doing, we have a spot for you!

If you are ready to rise up and unleash your most healthy and confident self, start here. 

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Talk about dedication, confidence building and living my best healthy self! 
I enrolled in the 12-month Rise Up program in April 2019. Making the decision to Rise Up to Unleashing my most Healthy and Confident self has been such a personal reward for me. 
Nine months and counting I have lost 5.8 pounds and 6 inches. Krista encourages me to track my food intake, set monthly goals and then conquer them. I have learned many new strengthening skills on and off the pole. Also, because of the Reiki Provider that Krista is, my heart, body and mind have become extremely more balanced and I know when it is time for another Reiki treatment. I am grateful for Jez-Mir-Izing Krista as the Holistic Coach she is. The fact that she specializes in Reiki and Pole Fitness has helped my journey along tremendously.

Krista Schafer 3rd Place (Bronze) Winner Dramatic, Level 3, Senior

Pole Sport Organization, Seattle, Washington. Northwest PSO 2019 Competition

Watch the award winning routine!