Pole Fitness, Reiki, and Wellness 

A Mini Wellness Retreat

Saturday, Ocotber 15th 2022 

2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Jez-Mir-Izing Retreat Center 

1910 80th St. SE Bismarck, ND 58504 


Relax your body, Refresh your mind!

It's your time. Claim it. 


Enjoy this all-inclusive Mini Wellness Retreat to recharge, rejuvenate, and re-center yourself.

What you receive:

  • A 30-minute Pole Fitness workout
  • A 30-minute Wellness Class 
  • A 30-minute Massage
  • A 30-minute Hot Tub Spa

Purchase by Tuesday, October 4th for a discounted rate of $419.99

Regular price $599.99

Discount is 30%OFF until 10-4-22

Limited spots available!

Prices go up to the regular price of $599.99 on Wednesday, October 5th.

ALL SALES FINAL Sunday, October 9th.












See what Jez-Mir-Izing Retreat Center is ALL about!



Join us every Thursday for GROUP Pole class 

5:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. CST

$47 per person, per class

So what are you waiting for? Bring a friend and be Jez-Mir-Izing FIT! 





Are you looking for things to do for your Business event's, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, Birthday parties, etc.? 

Well look no further! Introducing the Jez-Mir-Izing Diamond's where we come to you for all your performance, entertainment, and fun filled time. 

We put on ALL KINDS of shows. Including but not limited to:

  • Burlesque
  • Femme fa-tales
  • Christmas 
  • Halloween 
  • and SO MUCH MORE

What we need from you?

You pick the day, time, theme, how long we are there and we will bring the entertainment, the Diamonds.

Your price is customized to your business and event. 

Call Krista now for more details and to book! 





Learn about Krista, Jez-Mir-Izing and what we have to offer for you. 



Got questions? We have answers. Click below to learn more about what we do and how we can help you. 


Programs and Services

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Free Breakthrough Call, Class, Reiki Treatment, or Retreat HERE!

Let's see what Jez-Mir-Izing students have to say about Jez-Mir-Izing Retreat Center and  Krista! 

I love going to Jez-Mir-Izing! I have been a student of Krista's for about 6 months now and I have seen a lot of progress with myself. Not only has my confidence increased, but my strength and courage has too. I am terrified of night driving, especially on highways. It's not the night time itself that scares me, but the fact that my vision is hindered and I can't see what all is out there. Jez-mir-izing studio is at Krista's home and she lives a little bit out of town, which means driving on less traveled roads (which is very fitting for her motto: travel on the road less taken and rise up to the challenge of life). Even though I am scared of night time driving, I have always felt safe and strong when I travel to the studio. I feel empowered driving on those darker roads, and the atmosphere gives a sense of calm and tranquility. I love seeing myself progress into a stronger, more confident young woman and I have Krista and myself to thank for that! I don't think I could've gotten this far, this motivated without her help and I look forward to working harder and seeing myself grow into my potential! (December 2021) 


Talk about dedication, confidence building and living my best healthy self! 
I enrolled in the 12-month Rise Up program in April 2019. Making the decision to Rise Up to Unleashing my most Healthy and Confident self has been such a personal reward for me. 
Nine months and counting I have lost 5.8 pounds and 6 inches. Krista encourages me to track my food intake, set monthly goals and then conquer them. I have learned many new strengthening skills on and off the pole. Also, because of the Reiki Provider that Krista is, my heart, body and mind have become extremely more balanced and I know when it is time for another Reiki treatment. I am grateful for Jez-Mir-Izing Krista as the Holistic Coach she is. The fact that she specializes in Reiki and Pole Fitness has helped my journey along tremendously.


Build your confidence with this powerful and fun routine!

If you are ready to tap into your inner strength and sensuality in the privacy of your own home, this FREE video series is for you. Find your inner goodness in 3 minutes, we promise! 

Includes instructional videos and 1 routine expertly choreographed by Krista! 

Get INSTANT Access!

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