Do you have what it takes?

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

Do you have what it takes for dedication?

Define dedication... well dedication to me is the ability to reach a goal no matter what gets in your way...

 So what does dedication look like for you (drop a comment)? For me it's every task at hand I need to get through in order to achieve my goal.

Here are some steps I use for dedication:

1. Set BIG goals (when we challenge ourselves, we push harder to achieve it).

2. Plan the steps necessary to reach them (even if it stings...).

3. Know that everyday matters

4. JUST GO FOR IT (as my running coach states "run, walk, crawl, scoot. Do whatever you need to to get " in" April Lund). Do not try to change the plan, meadle the plan either (it"ll bite you later).

5. Build a NO-MATTER- WHAT mindset.

6. Develop your routine for the steps then goal achieved.

7. Commit

8. Appreciate the change and transformation process.

9. Embrace the wins achieved

10. Repeat ;)

 This is how I have failed, overcome, achieved and continue to achieve so many goals. One goal at a time.

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