What do you need in order to build self assurance?


Have you ever wondered if there is a difference to self confidence and self assurance? 

Well, let's look at the definitions according to google.com. Self Assurance is confidence in one's own abilities. Self confidence is a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.

So, based off theses two definitions they are similar, however, unique in their own way as well... for now we are going to focus on self assurance. 

So, how can you build your self assurance tool box up? 

Here are some techniques that I encourage you to do and and then comment below what you discovered about:

Recognize what you're good at

  • we all have strengths and challenges so make a list of strengths and weaknesses first
  1. Build positive relationships
    • I know this is easier said than done, however, attending groups or communities that you are interested in will help you to gain friends and you will soon find one's you resonate with and do not
  2. Be kind to yourself
    • without kindness we would all be in a real hurt bag. So be sure you stay true and loving to you. Find positive affirmations on YouTube to chronically listen to, or self-love podcasts 
  3. Learn to be assertive
    • this one can be challenging... as you do not want to be marked as "bossy" or "rude" or (you insert the title), I am here to tell you though that it is not "bossy" or "rude" or other, it is heloing youto stay true to you, and get things done for and with you, and it is also showing others that you can and will stand firm in your health and confidence for you
  4. Start saying "no" or "yes"
    • you will amazed and how this makes you feel inside and out and how it will help you grow into the new and improved healthy and confident you 
  5. Give yourself a challenge
    • this is great to implement, it help you grow and become stronger emotionally mentally. Ask some friends to do the certain challenge you set yourself up to do with you and at the end award yourselves with GNO (ladies night out) or a personal spa day here at Jez-Mir-izing Retreat Center.
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So, showing up for you and doing the lag work to become more self assured is the next steps in your own self-worth and Rising Up to Unleashing you most Healthy and Confident Self. 

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